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Summary of content

Professor Sir Cary Cooper 

Summit introductory address: ‘An overview of work-related stress issues in the UK’.
An interview on the key stress factors in public and private sectors  in the UK today.

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Carole Spiers

Show Stress Who’s Boss!‘.
Under today’s pressures, the need for resilience grows by the day.  Carole shares 30 years experience of addressing workplace stress.

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Mental Health First Aid England

‘A summary of the Mental Health First Aid training model’.
How MHFA courses teach people the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and gain confidence in how to approach, assess and assist staff with a mental health issue.

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Rachel Suff

‘Research summary: impacts of work-related stress’.
Key stats and findings from the 2016 Absence at Work report.

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Richard Frost, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

‘The Mindful Employer programme’.
A 30 minute talk with slides on information and support for employers regarding mental ill health.

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Health & Safety Executive 

‘Work-related Stress: HSE’s Management Standards approach’
How the HSE standards to address work related stress; how individuals can start dealing with personal issues; and how organisations can structure management systems better.

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Ian Sullivan: Healthy Working Wales

‘The Healthy Working Wales programme and award scheme’
This innovative programme supports employers, individuals and a range of health professionals to help working age people in Wales stay fit and healthy.

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Dr. Heidi Hanna

‘A USA perspective on stress, and gender issues’
Dr. Hanna talks about workplace stress in the USA, her experience of successful strategies, and also reflects on gender difference in dealing with stress.

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Kate Spiegelhalter  – IES ‘Mindfulness in organisational culture’. Kate explores how mindfulness can permeate an organization’s micro and macro- culture, to create a sustainable organisation.

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Simon Michaels, Mindful Work

The ‘Simply Being Present’ workplace mindfulness model.
Simon offers a critique of standard mindfulness training, and introduces a new workplace-focused model which makes the training more accessible for busy people.

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Emma George

‘Wellbeing initiatives in Wales’.
Emma talks about how to address employee and organisational performance, with reference to some key initiates in Wales.

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Emma Falkner

‘Action Learning for functional teams’
Emma describes how Action Learning helps people come together to solve key problems, in a supportive, collaborative and value–led way.

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John Drowley

‘Turning the energy of conflict into positive team building’.
John describes how organisations can change their view of conflict, not just to resolve problems, but as a springboard to better team interactions and innovation.

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Ruth Steggers

‘Fresh Air coaching’.
Ruth describes how holding meetings outside and fresh air coaching helps work colleagues communicate better, to facilitate change and support a healthier organisation.

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Joanne Crovini

‘Eating and drinking well to manage stress’.
Nutritional therapist Joanne Crovini points out the dangers of poor nutrition on our health and energy, and  offers practical advice on daily habits of eating and drinking in high stress environments.

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Joseph Stout

‘Practical tips for keeping fit at work’
Joe explains the positive impact fitness can have not only on health, but on energy levels, focus, drive and productivity, and demonstrates some simple morning stretches and office-based exercises.

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Mike Young

‘Practical tips for body awareness and healthy posture’.
Mike talks about how we can learn to move more freely and with less effort in our everyday activities. He shares some simple practical tips to start using right away.

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